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Lease My Home Back
Roofs Across America • HomeStrong USA

Lease My Home Back provides affordable rental solutions to families facing foreclosure. Through a joint venture between Roofs Across America™ (RAA) and HomeStrong USA, Lease My Home Back is preventing homelessness by purchasing homes and renting them back to the original homeowner at an affordable rental payment.

The Lease My Home Back program is designed to help mitigate several obstacles associated with transitioning homeowners seeking affordable rental options such as:

  • Offering FREE solutions to transitioning homeowners that have no viable options
  • Preserving family mental and social health associated to foreclosure/eviction stress
  • Leasing back their existing homes
    • Keeping children in their same Schools or School Districts
    • Preserving home life by limiting major disruptions or drastic changes
    • No expensive moving costs
    • Typically thousands of dollars are immediately spent on deferred maintenance to ensure better habitability and living conditions
  • Affordable rents that a based on market comparable rents
  • Minimal credit restrictions with only one months deposit required
  • Post-foreclosure counselling for financial literacy, and paths to future homeownership

Lease My Home Back anticipates several million homeowners may be in need of this program over the next several years. We are optimistic that we will be able to help a large portion of these people.

Roofs Across America™ (RAA) was created to provide affordable, single-family rental options to families transitioning out of their homes or looking to lease-back their homes while facing foreclosure. Our goal is to provide families in distressed mortgage situations with affordable housing solutions while receiving Financial Literacy education by HUD approved non-profit counselling organizations.

RAA has joint ventured with Strategic Partners to purchase over $1.0 Billion a year of rental properties using a network of nearly 1,000 HUD approved non-profit counselling organizations. This network specializes in post-foreclosure counselling and transition assistance which allows for communication with thousands of transitioning homeowners in need of help every day.

HomeStrong USA is a nonprofit community development organization with a mission to increase vitality and stability of communities across the nation by promoting successful home ownership through education and counseling, the creation of innovative affordable housing opportunities, and providing resources to local nonprofit counseling agencies.